Strip #9

Bacon? Do I smell… bacon? Ittt’ss BACON!

Yes, our running theme continues at the delight of our podcast reservist and co-founder Chuck Kennedy!

Here we see the introduction of him in his first solo strip gearing up to enter the fray.


Lisa is really outdoing herself here with the effects. I hope it translates well as I was warned the conversion to CMYK (which I letter in) and back to RGB might cause a little discoloration. I think it looks pretty good though. She really brings to life Andrew’s already lively artwork.


Speaking of Andrew, I love what he’s doing here. We commented recently on Zone 4 (maybe this coming Friday’s episode actually) that Andrew is most definitely an avid listener of the show as he just gets the little things that make each character. His use of the Lantern figurine here is just awesome, just like the use of the porthole and posters in the group shot for Cary’s panel. It’s the little things that he really pays attention to detail on that really makes this strip something special.


We got it wrong on this Friday’s Zone 4 podcast… you only have A FEW DAYS LEFT to enter this contest to name my character’s sword! The cutoff date is now officially November 4th! That’s this Friday, folks. The reason being is we need to announce the winner on the Nov. 11th edition of Zone 4, and we will be recording that on the 5th. So ALL ENTRIES MUST BE TURNED IN BY 11:59PM Est Friday, November 4th!

Remember, if we use your name for my sword you will win the original artwork of strip #11 signed by artist Andrew Law, which you can see on our Facebook page.


We hope you all got a chance to listen to our special Halloween episode of the Zone 4 podcast ( We did a special skit we like to call… BACONSTEIN just for you, our faithful listeners and supporters. This coming Friday on episode #138 we do one more skit before taking a break with those (maybe), and we talk about the recent changeover at that saw myself, John Wilson and Chuck Moore once again taking the reigns of the popular comic news website.


Have a very safe and Happy Halloween, and don’t eat too much candy (and send us the leftovers!)



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