Strip #5

Back for another week of Zone 4 comic goodness!

Sorry this one’s so late in the day, it’s been a very busy day in Zone 4 headquarters, and frankly, it just dawned on me that this needed to go up shortly before it posted!

To let you behind the curtain even further, turns out we didn’t have script for this week’s strip! Somehow it got skipped over even though we have script all the way up to strip 12!

Captain Ron, being the champ and pro that he is, who apparently hadn’t even see this particular strip, saved us all, though, as he provided said script in record time. Thank goodness he was around!

So, you are really seeing this strip just as it came together this week.


Lisa continues to knock it out of the park. Here’s a funny aside, too. Last week in the original lettered version, with the typo, Lisa let me know I had covered up her favorite part of the strip, a section of hair of which she was especially proud of the highlighting. I teased her saying I’d talk about it here this week and maybe show the unlettered version. Well, when I had to fix the typo I altered the layout of the caption over her hair so that more of the highlighting would show, thus solving the problem more or less. But I couldn’t let the opportunity to shed light on this (pun intended) go by. :)

This week, I tried my best not to cover up her beautiful colors. I’m sure if I did I’ll hear about it. haha


The contest is still going on. If you want to win an original piece of Zone 4 art signed by the artist, Andrew Law, just submit a name for my trusty blade and you’ll be entered to win. There are still a few more weeks to go. Post here, on our Facebook page, in our forums, or at


I realize the site is still kind of bare. In the next few weeks I’ll be sprucing it up a bit, so stay tuned.


If you haven’t been listening to the show, you’ve been missing some really great conversations. Last week, we talked about censorship and Banned Books Week. This coming Friday we talk about the CBLDF acquiring the rights to the Comics Code Authority seal in a twist of irony, and about the Fall TV season and what shows we’ve been digging. Make sure you check it out via our RSS feed, on iTunes or at


That’ll do us for this week. Thanks as always for reading. Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear what you think.


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