Strip #3

Well here we are, folks, strip #3! We hope you are all enjoying the story so far.

We realize we’re still in the introduction phase at this point, but things are about to pick up.

For those who may be new to the comic, read the about section, it will tell you where the idea branches from, being our comic podcast. For those new to the podcast who may be wondering where Gordon’s at, well, he’s coming up at some point, never fear. This just happened to be the cast of the show when we came up with the idea to do a comic.

You may also notice a new name for Cary here. I’m trying it out, we’ll see if it sticks. :)

For those who haven’t heard, we are holding a contest on the Zone 4 podcast to NAME MY SWORD. That’s right, folks, my trusty blade needs a cool and iconic name. We’ve had a few entries so far (thanks to all who have sent in your ideas!), but we have several weeks to go, so keep them coming. You could win a cool piece of original Zone 4 art signed by the artist, Andrew Law!

Andrew has been sending us new strips on a regular basis. We just got three more in this morning! So things are moving along nicely.

Speaking of the podcast, we’ve been talking about some very cool ideas for it in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! And of course, jump back here next week for the next installment of the comic!



That is a great likeness! I hope all of you enjoy your adventures in the digital comics realm, but be careful of those dirigibles! They don’t mix well with bullets, swords, or fire-sabres. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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