Strip #25

Only a few more weeks left before wrapping up the very first arc of the Zone 4 webcomic, folks. So enjoy it while it lasts!


Andrew just kills this strip each and every week, and with each week the strip seems to improve. Just the detail, the layouts and the pacing of the strip artistically is beautiful to look at, as you can see here in the inks. See the detail on the train tracks? Beautiful.


But as you can see from that comparison above, Lisa indeed adds a lot to the strip as well, bringing Andrew’s pencils and inks to life even more with vibrant colors. Even in our rapidly graying world in the strip at present, Lisa’s choices always highlight all the right elements to make the important parts pop.


And of course, Ron’s succinct scripts throughout this strip are a thing of wonder. It would be very easy to tack on a lot of dialogue or exposition into this story, but Ron masterfully gets the point across each week with minimal dialogue and explanation.

I’m just honored to be a part of this stellar team!


If you are a fan of the podcast, or even if you haven’t checked it out, we have been doing some great episodes of late, and have more to come. This week, Decapitated Dan will be joining us to discuss the current trend of fairy tales and much more. We go dark, we go light, and we toss in some headlines to add to the fun.

Don’t forget to check out a new episode of the RaynMan Power Hour hitting the ‘net and iTunes this evening as well!

That’s it for now. Until next time, thanks for reading!



Howdy Zone 4,

Just thought I’d sound on the great work you guys are doing. Loving the comic. This installment in particular looked very dynamic. Kudos across the board to one and all.

Brant, are you the same fellow I once shared some studio with in one incarnation or another?


Cary and Andrew, thanks!

CWR, quite possibly. I know your name and have seen your stuff. I’ve been involved with several studios over the years, and our industry is rather small. So it’s a safe bet. :) Thanks for the kind words on the strip too!

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