Strip #01


When the world is in dire straights, when peril looms large over the entire planet, who do you call?  The Avengers, the Justice League, the Ghosbusters?  Not even close.  Maybe the Fantastic Four…hmm…close.  Nope, you call ZONE 4.

ZONE 4 – A secret public group created by the government posing as a harmless, often ignored (sigh) Comic Related podcast where in reality they are amongst the most daring, courageous and mightiest heroes the world has ever seen.  Mutated via their life long obsessions with comic books, the Zone 4 team will answer the call.

The Chief – Fantasy Swordsmaster Brant Fowler

Captin Ron Fortier – Senior member and pilot of the Airship Zone 4.

White Lord of the Sith – Cary Kelley…the only “good” Sith Lord.  (Really – though the name’s not final. :) )

Red Blaze Chuck Kennedy – better known as Skeptical Sage for the next generation.

Join this elite team of crime busters every week as they battle the Unknown Foe to save Color Queen Lisa Moore and return a lackluster world to true four color magic.

Dreamed up by artist Andrew Law, with an assist from Lisa and a few text bon mots from Ron, the first ever ZONE 4 COMIC STRIP premiers today at Comic Related and every Monday.

So what are you waiting for?  TELL THE WORLD.   ZONE 4 IS HERE!!!!

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