The Zone 4 webcomic is a classic-style adventure strip featuring the fictionalized characters of the hosts and reservists of the Zone 4 podcast.

In this first story, The Color Gambit, a vile villain is sapping all the color from the world, and it’s up to the Zone 4 crew to put an end to his scheme! They must save the Princess who controls the colors in order to set right the world.

Master Swordsman Brant, Captain Ron, The Professor and the rest of the Crew jump at the challenge, as they always do.


A while back we had the idea to have the cast members drawn as characters. The idea spawned all kinds of other fun ideas once we saw the art coming in, and thus was born the webcomic you see before you!

The brainchild of Andrew Law, loyal Legionnaire (aka, fan) of the show who graciously offered his art services and plot, with scripting chores by our own Captain Ron Fortier, the Zone 4 webcomic has taken a life of its own. Joining them are Brant Fowler on lettering and Lisa Moore on colors.

It updates each and every Monday, at least for the duration of this first story. From there, only time and your voices will tell!

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