The Week Without a Strip

I’m just letting everyone know that there will be no Zone 4 webcomic strip this week. But never fear, because that means TWO strips next week!!

Basically, our brilliant colorist (see what I did there?), Lisa Moore is inundated with work and has a tight deadline currently. See, she is very much in demand, and we couldn’t be more proud or more supportive of her. So, as sometimes happens, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

We toyed very briefly with running the strip in black & white this week, then taking the color version live next week. But for one, we don’t want to deprive you of seeing Lisa’s skills on the strip as it debuts. And secondly, given that last strip Queen Lisa was adding color back into the world, that certainly wouldn’t bode well to post it in even less color than the semi-grays we had throughout!

So next week, perhaps on Monday and Wednesday, we’ll have TWO brand new, fully colored strips for you to enjoy!

This week, reread the entire strip from the beginning! :)

See you back here next week with the double dose!


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