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Feb 09 2015

DarkAvenger C86’s Comic Countdown #275!

Chris Ventura is now a full-fledged member of Zone 4, and so I wanted to share his first comic book countdown here this week. Even though it’s episode #275 of his show, it’s the first episode he’s transformed it from a review show to a countdown. So check out the video below and leave some comments!

Feb 06 2015

New Programming Schedule is Live!

You heard about it over the winter break, and we reiterate it on episode #301 of Zone 4 airing later today. We have a new slate of shows and a new programming schedule. You can find said schedule right here:

Zone 4 returns today with episode #301. Next Wednesday, Airship 27 debuts and It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Podcast returns in video form. Find out the details about all these and more at the link above!

And if you just want to find it via the navigation bar at the top of the site, it’s tucked under the “About” page dropdown arrow.


Dec 19 2014

Zone 4 #300 Celebration: Brant Fowler

The last of the main cast, co-founder Brant Fowler shares his thoughts on Zone 4, and teases the future.

Dec 18 2014

Zone 4 #300 Celebration Week: John

John Wilson shares his thoughts on Zone 4 as part of Zone 4 #300 Celebration Week!

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